Gastric balloon insertion is a weight-loss procedure that does not require any surgical method. Sometimes people wonder how effective this procedure is and how much weight one can lose by the time the balloon is removed.

What You Need to Know About Gastric Balloon Weight Loss

The amount of weight loss an individual may experience after this procedure is heavily dependent on their eating and exercise habits. The balloon is placed in the stomach to help limit the total amount of food you consume. It may take up to six months or less than a few weeks to remove the balloon after insertion. This removal timeline also depends on the health and lifestyle of the individual.

You are most likely going to lose about seven to fifteen percent of your total body weight after six months of putting the gastric balloon in your stomach. Due to the various kinds of treatments currently available, you may lose a total of thirty to forty-seven percent of body weight afterward.

The presence of the gastric balloon in your stomach makes it possible to get full faster and by eating little food. As a result, you will automatically consume less food than normal, helping you control your body weight through a calorie deficit. This system of weight loss also changes the pattern of hormonal regulation in your body, reducing your appetite.

The gastric balloon procedure can help reduce the risk of obesity and cause health-related improvements. You can get a reliable doctor’s review on Spatz gastric balloon. It significantly reduces your chances of suffering from certain health problems such as diabetes, stroke, cardiac arrest, cancer, etc. Most people opt for gastric balloon procedures after exhausting other natural weight-loss options.

Who Can Undergo Gastric Balloon Placement?

This procedure is often a perfect option for people whose body mass index ranges from 30 to 40. Furthermore, you should not consider this procedure if you have had stomach or esophageal surgery in the past.

Dedicating yourself to living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle is extremely important after undergoing this procedure. You must follow strict health and nutritional guidelines to help you experience a long-term weight-loss process.

Which Gastric Balloon Should You Use?

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