Nowadays addiction is a severe problem that most people are facing. It not only affects the person with addiction, but also his/her family and the surroundings. Hence, it is necessary to get that person treated before it’s too late. There are certain signs and symptoms that indicate the person has addiction.

Looking For Help?

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How To Know About The Signs?

A wide range of changes is seen in a person when he gets addicted to alcohol and drugs, and it’s both psychological and physical, which is detrimental. Usually, due to its narcotic effect, the person starts behaving differently. The energy of the person gets drained out. Lack of interest, reduced productivity, aggressive nature, and behavior towards others are certain major signs that are observed in a drug addict.

Symptoms Of Addiction

There is a wide range of symptoms that a drug-addicted person shows. Here are some categorized symptoms:

·        Psychological Symptoms of Addiction:

Include depression, lack of interest, loss of concentration, depression, difficulty in decision making, short temper, etc.

·        Physical Symptoms:

The various physical symptoms include weight loss, deterioration of health, insomnia, and in the case of females the menstrual cycle also can get disturbed.

·        Behavior Change:

Most of the time addicted person finds it difficult in socializing and gets less talkative, instead, they may start fighting over little things due to aggression.


By clearly observing the signs and symptoms, one can easily check the addiction and get necessary help on time.