The desire to look well-groomed and attractive is inherent in every modern woman. Who will help to create your own image, give mystery and charm? A make-up artist is a specialist who creates a certain image of a person’s face with the help of make-up. This article will discuss makeup artist London prices, and the collection of services of the master.

A make-up artist should know: how to create a certain image, emphasize the advantages of a person’s face and hide flaws. When working with the face, the makeup artist must take into account the natural data of the client, know what to emphasize with makeup and what to hide. The specialist must know what colors and textures are suitable for this type of appearance, costume, image, appropriate for a particular period, year, event.

The make-up artist must be able to: determine the types of the facial skin of the client and the selection of appropriate cosmetics, which can be used to eliminate skin defects; choose makeup; prepare the client for procedures; mask flaws; emphasize the elements of the face: eyebrows, eyelashes, lips; applying makeup; be able to select cosmetics and make-up with tips on how to use them at home.

Makeup artists of beauty studios are well versed in all fashion trends, are constantly improving and raising their qualifications. Besides, they will provide professional recommendations for creating the perfect image. The price of the service depends on the level of the master, his popularity and demand, the quality of materials, appearance, and, of course, the room in which he receives customers.

Consequently, makeup is a universal way to change the image, complement the style and give a certain mood, not to mention that it is an opportunity to hide skin imperfections and emphasize the advantages.