Your personal financial knowledge must include ideas about you knowing your credit score. Don’t just continue as usual, to find out it’s too late that you don’t qualify for the loan you really need. It is important you know this before you apply for a loan.

But if you look around, you will find a number of companies that will sell copies of your credit report and credit score. This is useful, but what if you can’t pay a fee for this information?

There are free reports available for you access. Usually they don’t give you a complete information package from paid reports, but they can still be very useful as a starting point.

Each site has their own terms and conditions for them to give you a free report. Make sure you know this terms and conditions thoroughly before you register. Some, maybe most companies, will use free report offers to make you use their database. After they do it, they can try and sell their services forever.

There are marketers who will target people who are desperate to get their money and then only offer mediocre service at best. If you spend money, make sure you know exactly what you want and you will get it.

Not everyone like this, but you don’t know which one, so it act accordingly. Just buy the items you need and will use. And only but from companies or organizations that have a reputation that has a comprehensive and trustworthy complaint policy and money back guarantee.

One thing you can do now is go to  and check it out. Do you see HTTPS at the beginning? Most sites start with HTTP. Additional ‘s’ means that the site has additional encryption security for your online security.

This site can allow you to have a free credit report but there are limits. It’s up to you to check the terms and conditions and decide for themselves. Going to sites like this and accessing free data about your financial position is one of the first steps to improve your personal financial knowledge.