Even if you already understand that constant phone use is terrible for your health, you can’t control yourself. You use it all the time. Even if it produces radiation, you’re willing to take the risk. However, there are times when you understand the danger and decide not to use your phone. If not, you try to reduce the number of hours. While it’s an excellent idea, it doesn’t keep you away from risks. It’s better to use EMF protection and stay protected. You can keep this device in your bag or wear it as an accessory. These are some reasons for using this protective device despite the reduced number of hours for phone use.

You don’t notice how frequently you use your phone 

It’s easy to say that you no longer use your phone frequently. However, that is relative. It’s possible to keep using your phone and not realize that you already spent too much time. Therefore, whether you use your phone frequently or not, it’s safe if you have an EMF protective device close to you.

There’s radiation everywhere

Your phone releases radiation even when not in use. You might feel safe since you’re not holding the phone in your hands, but it can still emit radiation. If you bring your phone close to the bed, it will continue emitting radiation while you are sleeping. You are not necessarily safe unless you have the EMF protection with you. Besides, phones aren’t the only devices emitting radiation. Your computer, microwave oven, television, and other electronic devices also produce radiation. The best way to stay safe is by having the EMF protection close to you.

Radiation emission is stronger at times 

There are instances when your phone produces more radiation. It happens when the phone overheats. It can also happen when the signal is weak. Since the device tries to get more signal, it could produce more radiation. Even if some people don’t think that phones are powerful enough to cause health issues, it might happen under certain circumstances.

It won’t bother you 

The good thing about using EMF protection is that you won’t feel bothered at all. You can keep it in your bag if you don’t like anyone seeing you using it. It can also appear as EMF protection jewellery that you can wear wherever you go. Since there won’t be an issue in using the protective device, it’s best to have it with you all the time.

Sure, there are still conflicting studies regarding the impact of radiation caused by phones. Some people believe that it’s not high enough to cause physical problems. Other studies linked radiation from phones to severe health issues. Either way, it’s best to stay protected. EMF protection devices are affordable and easy to use. You also have to consider your children who might use the phones more frequently than you do. They also have weaker immune systems. It’s always practical to stay safe to avoid regrets later.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/0aRycsfH57A